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                                  LEISURE WITH DIGNITY

                          Getting the picture on the coast of Maine with Professor Highbrow

An evolved spiritual master, the Professor lives a quiet, "philosophical" life with a minimum of hard labor. His life style has roots in many sources, but especially Cicero, the great Roman sage who said: "The most desirable thing in life after health and modest means is leisure with dignity."Another seminal influence is King Radio, a 1930s Trinidadian Calypso singer with a flare for words. "If the offer was for either a steady job or death," the King once said, "I would beg for execution every time."


"Maine is a unique place," writes R. Todd Hoffman, Director of the Salt Photographic Program of Portland. "It seems to breed and attract unique people. To most, it is an end-of-the-line kind of place, somewhere you have to go because it's not on the way to anywhere else. As such, Maine stands apart. It succumbs to change in fits and starts only as it has to. Outside influences are farther away from Maine than in most places. If there is anything that seems closer to Maine than other places, it's the old ways. They seem to hang on longer here."  

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