three wyeths were women






















Los Angeles-based Creative Director and feature film producer Lark Wiltshire Bernini and her co-producer Ed Taylor talk with Wilmington, Delaware picture framer Obie Kline during the research phase for her forthcoming art book project, Three Wyeths Were Women, an appreciation of the work of the not as famous sisters of the celebrated American painter Andrew Wyeth: Carolyn, Henriette,

and Ann Wyeth. Relatively unknown outside the art world, they were all accomplished painters

in their own right.
















Bernini and Taylor contacted Kline at the suggestion of Ann Wyeth's daughter, Anna B. McCoy, whose father John W. McCoy, as described by the Sommerville Manning Gallery, 

"was a brilliantly trained painter and a highly respected member of the Wyeth family and the Brandywine School." Kline has been a life-long friend of Anna B., another brilliant painter in the Wyeth line, and her husband Patrick, who now live in Maine. Kline also enjoyed a long friendship with Anna B.'s late uncle, the aforementioned Andrew, who frequently visited his frame shop in the Forty Acres section of Wilmington over the years. 


In their conversation on a hot Saturday afternoon in August 2021, Obie explained to Lark and Ed that his friendship with Anna B. led to his relationship with her mother Ann and aunts Henriette and Carolyn, whose work he has always appreciated. 

"Even though Ann and her sisters never achieved the notoriety of N.C., Andy and Jamie," said Kline, "their paintings are every bit as enchanting as the stellar accomplishments of the male members of the Wyeth clan." 


 Portrait of Ober Kline by Anna B. McCoy