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Dana Corrin, photographer It's all about the light . . .

Dino & Mazie, down on the farm . . .

The Man from Rolex

Lili & Mark in the park.

Franklin D. Cooke, Jr. Representative 16th District

Christin Jones, LMT Instagram: prospect_wellness

Christin and Jess Prospect Wellness

Chris Cromer

The face of Mrs. Robino's Restaurant.

EXERCISE The Fountain of Youth

Running on water . . .

Lean, mean, running machine

Dave McQ, a dedicated long-distance runner who has finished a marathon in every state in the union . . .


Jack the Zephyr

Wind Power

Sign of the Times

Madauri & Sophia

Mickey Smith for US Postal Service Love Stamp promotion Wilmington, Delaware


LORI in all her glory . . .

Lili in the studio

Mark & Lili

Robin Williams, Actor On the set of The Dead Poets' Society New Castle, Delaware

Dr. Mel Rosenthal

Kat Reeve, Actress New York/London/Paris


FRED BOURDON Owner, Jackson Inn

TOMMY BURKE Famous Birdhouse Artist

KARL RICHESON Photographer

Windblown Maria


Dead-eye Dick

Delaware Avenue Fashionplate

Dino Corrino Italian Photographer

Titanium Bob

Buffalo Bob Williams WE Movement Archivist

Paula Graham, Artist Cougar Hill Farm Oxford, Pennsylvania

Paula & Lily

Gibraltar Goddess

At the Arden Fair

Sue Ellen at Cougar Hill Farm

Nothing but the best

The Avatar

Chef Jeff Feist

Dino & Jack Earleville Mountain Boys Blues Band

Mohawk Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, PA

Photographer Thom Thompson in the studio

John Paul at The Mac Shop Trolley Square Wilmington, Delaware

Ober Kline Picture framer/philosopher Wilmington, Delaware

Obie in the shop

Master builder Larry Reeve working on The Great Wall of Cedars

Captain Larry Reeve Cruising Martin Meadow Pond

Here comes the bride . . .

Toast to Rory & Jessica

Rory & Jessica

The Sultan of Stroke

The Muzz

The French Toast King

AUGUST MUZZI Angelo's Luncheonette

Terry & The Muzz Angelo's Luncheonette

Damian Muzzi Angelo's Luncheonette

Emily, at your service Angelo's Luncheonette

Grits today, but look at those tomatoes for tomorrow . . . Uber waitress Christine at Angelo's Luncheonette

BOB SHELDON at Angelo's Luncheonette

DANA CORRIN Devil's Elbow Farm Earleville, Maryland

An Honest Man On the road near Glasgow, Delaware

DON CALLANDER Wilmington Western RR


MEETING OF THE MINDS; Professor Highbrow & Eduardo Benzine in Acadia National Park

"Stick out your can, here comes the garbage man!"

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